Seemless Deployment

Spacecloud abstracts kubernetes and thereby streamlines your code to pod journey

Code in your favorite language

  • Write your microservices in the language you love

  • Secure, Control, and Observe microservices using Service Mesh – Istio

  • Manage all configuration using our Control Panel - no need to manage individual YAML files

Major & Minor upgrades

  • Split traffic between different environments while doing major upgrades

  • Perform canary deployments to split traffic between multiple versions of same service


  • Proprietary metrics collection to scale your services based on active requests & requests per second

  • Scale to Zero and optimize your resource allocation

Explore other features


GraphQL on your DB and services


Rules for controlling traffic

Get Started

Check out our Documentation and Tutorials to see how easy it is to setup Space Cloud and go the serverless way.



A deep dive documentation to explaining every part of Space Cloud and a general reference of it. You are stuck, we hope its your haven.



Tutorials to setup Space Cloud and perform various things in a byte size format.

sample apps

Sample Apps

Sample apps for React, Vue, Android, iOS, Flutter showing usage of GraphQL. Also Backend Services apps for Go, Python and NodeJS.