Rapid Development

Spacecloud provides an easy GraphQL API to automate monotonous CRUD operations and abstract database management

Automate monotonous CRUD APIs

  • Instant APIs for CRUD operations on all supported databases

  • GraphQL wrapper over your REST based services

  • Cross database and services join using GraphQL

File Storage

  • Native support for storage system like local storage and S3 to manage files

  • Upload & Manage your files directly from frontend using Space Cloud's secure APIs


  • Built in support for a Pub Sub system to manage asynchronous events

  • Trigger your custom code for any Database & File events

  • Automatic and configurable retries & timeouts

  • Dead letter queue to handle failed events

  • Schedule tasks in the future during peak load times

  • Mechanism to easily implement step events

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Deploy services from Space Cloud


Rules for controlling traffic

Get Started

Check out our Documentation and Tutorials to see how easy it is to setup Space Cloud and go the serverless way.



A deep dive documentation to explaining every part of Space Cloud and a general reference of it. You are stuck, we hope its your haven.



Tutorials to setup Space Cloud and perform various things in a byte size format.

sample apps

Sample Apps

Sample apps for React, Vue, Android, iOS, Flutter showing usage of GraphQL. Also Backend Services apps for Go, Python and NodeJS.