Security Configuration

Spacecloud lets you decouple security from your code by simply configuring security rules

Security rule engine

  • Single ingress point for all incoming traffic

  • Authorization rules validation at HTTP (L7) layer

  • Easily manage future security policy changes

  • Validate JWT tokens and claims with predefined rules

  • Mask/hide sensitive information in your request/response

  • Integrates with your existing auth server

Service Mesh

  • Built in support for Service Mesh - Istio

  • Define policies for service to service communication over TCP (L5/6) layer

  • Zero Trust Networking within cluster – whitelist services to allow internal communication

  • Auto upgrade to HTTPS within the cluster using mTLS protocol

Explore other features


GraphQL on your DB and services


Deploy services from Space Cloud

Get Started

Check out our Documentation and Tutorials to see how easy it is to setup Space Cloud and go the serverless way.



A deep dive documentation to explaining every part of Space Cloud and a general reference of it. You are stuck, we hope its your haven.



Tutorials to setup Space Cloud and perform various things in a byte size format.

sample apps

Sample Apps

Sample apps for React, Vue, Android, iOS, Flutter showing usage of GraphQL. Also Backend Services apps for Go, Python and NodeJS.